Frequently Asked Questions:

Subscriptions and Sports Info Solutions (SIS) Info:

  1. Pricing? Subscription options? How do I subscribe?

    There are multiple options for individuals who are looking to subscribe to the DataHub Pro. Details on each option is found below:

    • NFL Monthly Subscription: $99.99 per month
    • NFL Annual Subscription: $749.99 per year
    • NCAA Monthly: $149.99 per month
    • NCAA Annual: $999.99 per year
    • NFL + NCAA Monthly: $199.99 per month
    • NFL+ NCAA Annual: $1,399.99 per year

    All of these options can be found by going to and signing into your DataHub Pro account.

    If you have any additional questions on pricing or other products we offer, including inquiries from Pro or College Teams, media, or other enterprises, please email

  2. What does the data collection process look like? Why should I trust SIS over other companies?

    Our data collection process is the most rigorous in the industry. We start with a meticulous Video Scout hiring process, all of whom have a demonstrated background in football, many as former players or team managers. They go through football knowledge tests as well as multiple levels of interviews.

    Once the class of Video Scouts is brought in, they go through a multi-week training session to learn our charting process, practice using our proprietary software, and receive feedback from senior staff members.

    Each game goes through multiple rounds of both automated and manual data quality audits performed by senior staff. We take data accuracy very seriously.

  3. Is playoff data available on the DataHub Pro?

    The DataHub Pro does supply playoff data. It is accessible through selecting the "Include Playoffs?" checkbox under the Time Filters.

  4. What happens if the season doesn’t happen and I’ve paid for a subscription?

    This depends on the type of subscription you have:

    • Monthly subscriptions can simply cancel and subscribe again the following year.
    • Annual subscriptions should email and we’ll find the solution that works best for you.

  5. What else does SIS have to offer?

    Want more from SIS? Check out the following websites!

    If you are interested in more in-depth data or something you can’t find using the DataHub Pro, please email with whatever you are looking for. Someone will be in touch with all of your options!

    You can also sign up for our football newsletter by visiting

  6. Does my subscription come with both NFL and College data?

    This depends on your subscription type. There are multiple options to choose from when deciding to subscribe to the DataHub Pro. From monthly and annual options, to NFL, College, or both! Please see question 1 for a more in-depth explanation of this.

  7. How do I cancel my Subscription?

    Cancelling your subscription is very simple. All you have to do is email with your name and account information, and we’ll take care of the rest! Your subscription will end at the conclusion of the current subscription month.

  8. Who should I reach out to with further questions or issues?

    If you’re having technical issues, have a question about the site or our data, or have anything else that you need help with, please email and someone will reach out to help.

SIS Datahub Pro Navigation

  1. Are the leaderboards downloadable?

    Leaderboards are all downloadable! All you have to do is click the “Download” button at the top left of each leaderboard. This will download the leaderboard as a CSV that you can easily open in Excel or load into a statistical software like R!

    Our data is also available to be delivered via API (just like the API that powers the DataHub). If you’re interested in learning more about our API and how to utilize it, please email for more information.

  2. How do I select multiple options from a list of filters? (routes, coverage types, etc.)

    All you have to do is make sure the “All” option is deselected. This will allow you to select from the various options in the list.

  3. Why do I only see top 20 leaderboards?

    Don’t worry, this is normal! Trial accounts only return top 20 leaderboards. For access to larger leaderboards, purchase a subscription (see question 1) and you will see the top 200 players in each leaderboard!

  4. What is each filter type used for?

    There are 5 different filter types that you can apply to any query. Details on each filter type can be found below:

    • Game Filters: use these filters to specify the team you want to research. You can also get very specific with your searches by filtering by which conference/division the team faces, and if it is home or away. These filters are the same for each Leaderboard Tab.
    • Time Filters: these filters help you determine which weeks of which season you would like to look at. You can choose a range for both season and week. For NFL, you can even split by week if you are interested in seeing single-game totals. These filters are the same for each Leaderboard Tab.
    • Situation Filters: select the quarter, down, and field position of your query. You can even get as specific as yard line and time remaining in the game. These filters are the same for each Leaderboard Tab.
    • Personnel Filters: these filters allow you to select the personnel grouping or number of players lined up at each position on the play. Both offense and defense can be found here. This filter also allows you to toggle Shotgun and No Huddle situations. These filters are the same for each Leaderboard Tab.
    • Advanced Filters: these filters allow you to get very specific with your queries. They differ for each leaderboard tab and can really help you understand the intricacies of each position. Take a look in each leaderboard tab to see how specific you can get with each position!

  5. Why is the leaderboards page not loading?

    When this happens, it usually means that you’ll need to clear your internet browser’s cache. This is done differently depending on the browser you are using. Searching on Google for your browser and how to clear the cache is the easiest way to fix this problem.

    If this does not fix your problem, please email for additional assistance.

  6. How does the Field Position Filter work?

    You can use this filter to choose where on the field you would like to conduct your research. When looking at offensive stats, the “Own” option will be for plays that started on the offense’s side of the field, while the “Opposite” option will be on the defense’s side of the field.

    To find Red Zone stats, select Opposite 20 to Opposite 0. This will return stats from plays that started between the opponent’s 20 and their endzone.

  7. What are the different Coverage Types used for?

    You can select the different coverage types from the “Advanced Filters” section. This allows you to see what coverages WRs and QBs excel playing against, and the coverages DBs excel playing in.

    Typical Man Coverages include: Cover 0, Cover 1, and Man Cover 2.

    Typical Zone Coverages include: Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 6.